Corrective Exercise Cool Down for Low Back

As a bodyworker and personal trainer one of the most frequent concerns I encounter is low back tension and pain. We can reduce and prevent discomfort commonly found in lumbar and hip musculature by utilizing a few basic tools to bring the body into balance. These cool down movements emphasize ankle/ hip mobility and knee/ … Continue reading Corrective Exercise Cool Down for Low Back

Post Workout Stretching

Stretching is highly beneficial to recovery when done post workout or as part of a cool down routine. During exertion the body tends to follow the path of least resistance, even when that is not an optimal relationship for joints and muscles. This results in relatively inflexible, weaker and imbalanced muscles that may affect surrounding … Continue reading Post Workout Stretching


Flexibility is important for everyone from the sedentary to the Olympic athlete. It is very relative to a person's needs and life situations. Flexibility primarily refers to joint mobility and how it is affected by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Some fitness arenas tend to overemphasize stretching to the point that functional strength is lost. A … Continue reading Flexibility