Massage/Bodywork is an integral part of recovery and balance in any workout program. It increases circulation in muscles and joints to help relieve inflammation, stagnant body fluids and metabolic waste, which in turn helps to speed up recovery and creates a positive state of mind. Bodywork also helps to resolve postural imbalances such as tight … Continue reading Recovery

Stretching East to West

In the Orient, exercises are traditionally done for longevity & health. They include stretches that strengthen particular organs by helping the flow of Ki (Japanese word for Qi) in the body. Ki can be used generally to describe the flow of blood, oxygen & nutrients though muscles as well as energy in meridians. Meridians are … Continue reading Stretching East to West


Common forms of Asian Bodywork that are utilized today in the US include Chinese Tui Na , Japanese Shiatsu , Chinese Anmo, and various derivatives known as reflexology.