Corrective Exercise Cool Down for Low Back

As a bodyworker and personal trainer one of the most frequent concerns I encounter is low back tension and pain. We can reduce and prevent discomfort commonly found in lumbar and hip musculature by utilizing a few basic tools to bring the body into balance. These cool down movements emphasize ankle/ hip mobility and knee/ … Continue reading Corrective Exercise Cool Down for Low Back


Massage/Bodywork is an integral part of recovery and balance in any workout program. It increases circulation in muscles and joints to help relieve inflammation, stagnant body fluids and metabolic waste, which in turn helps to speed up recovery and creates a positive state of mind. Bodywork also helps to resolve postural imbalances such as tight … Continue reading Recovery

Bigger Weights Smaller Bodies

Ever noticed that the leanest people in the gym are usually men? It’s no coincidence. The simple fact that they have more testosterone than women gives most men a one up on weight loss. Most individuals with weight loss goals will lighten up the weights they are lifting because they feel that they might “bulk … Continue reading Bigger Weights Smaller Bodies


Exercise is said to be the best way to lose the most weight. This would mean that a person burns more calories in one hour than they would for the next 23. In actuality exercise is the stimulus the body requires to improve metabolism. During exercise we increase demands on our muscles, temporarily damaging them … Continue reading Recovery