Personal Training

Improving movement patterns and physical awareness enhances performance at all levels, reduces pain and improves overall well-being. Your full functional potential can be attained utilizing body weight, free weights, kettlebells, optimal posture, East Asian Medicine and nutritional guidance.

Corrective – Post-season/ event training, Pre/Post-rehabilitation, postural enhancement – which is the beginning and end to all movement, mobility, long layoffs in sedentary environments, strengthen activities of daily living, improve biomechanics lost in repetitive movements or poor lifting habits, and reduce pain.

Beginners – Create a foundation, breathe, build endurance, learn about periodization (planned progressions), avoid over-training, body/mind awareness.

Strength – Strengthen tendons before speed and ballistic movements, work up to regular athletic endeavors, endurance, strengthen weaker muscle groups, increase muscular development, maximal strength and function.

Life Prep – Agility, speed, reactive, athletic components, in season.

A fitness professional guides you to your goals, while your own pro-activeness and assertiveness are what actually help you attain them. When working together we are partners, and your own efforts balance out assistance in planning and motivation.

Every client receives an individual health, fitness and postural assessment. All training programs are periodized and designed with maintenance and self-care in mind. Acupuncture, bodywork, nutrition and other therapies complement movement, enhance recovery and are encouraged as an adjunct to any program.

Constantly educate yourself, utilize new relevant information, ask lots of questions and keep an open mind.

Please observe my 24 Hour cancellation policy.
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